About Me

Well, hello there!

So, I’m guessing you’re here to figure out who the hell I am, aren’t you?  So…how much time do you have because asking me who I am, is like asking a dog to hold on to its tail. I’ll just go around and around and around and around and around and around (Okay, okay STOP!). I guess you better just read my blog to figure out the real deal.

Don’t have time to read it all? Ok, fine.

Some fun facts?

  1. I’m short
  2. I’m witty
  3. I giggle at inappropriate moments.
  4. I think I’m the funniest person EVER!
  5. I’m addicted to Pinterest’s humor section and eCards. It’s helped me learn that I have a little black heart that quivers in delight, that I find mean jokes funny, and that anything said in the voice of the Dos Equis guy is made that much cooler.

Fine, fine! I’ll give you the basic stats. Damn, you’re needy!

  1. I’m a thirty something Cali girl picked up and thrown into the Windy City in June 2003. Ok, it was a choice, but every winter I still question the decision.
  2. I’m short, spicy, and a mother of two psychotic energetic little boys. I’m pretty sure my five year old, C-dog, will be taller than me in about a year. I’m pretty sure my three year old is going to outwit me in about a year. Crap, wait, he already has outwitted me many, many times. I’m so screwed when they tower over me in wittiness and height.
  3. Let’s not think about that #1 or #2. I’m happily married with the love of my life. We bumped into each other in 2002, married in 2004, and is the reason for #1. In fact, he’s the reason for #2 and 3, too. I blame him. Eleven years later, we’re still trucking along together thinking of our past and the glory days, and tiptoeing hand in hand into the future. /mushiness

If you want to get a hold of me email me at highheelsandtrainingwheels (at) gmail.com or Tweet Me @HiHeelsNTWheels.

You can also check out my Facebook Page, but it’s slow going. Become a FAN! I have a really pathetic need of feeling liked and a Fan Page with no fans is the ultimate “You suck!” so please let me know I don’t suck. Ok, is that desperate enough?? Oh and I used to blog at Mothers’ Hideaway and this was more about me .

Alrighty, that’s all for now. Why don’t you stay a while and enjoy! Seriously, just stay and read some of my hilariousness.

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