• Mom Mondays- Kimberly’s Story

    I am so lucky today to introduce Mom Mondays! Each Monday I will be sharing an interview of a mother with a chronic illness and sharing it with all of you! My hope is that with time we will all have a chance to realize that we’re not nuts! We’re all going through a similar… [Continue Reading]

    Mom Mondays- Kimberly’s Story
  • Why Other Patients Should Support the Ice Bucket Challenge

    It’s all over social media. The gasps, the cries, the shrills, and the challenges have taken over our Facebook newsfeed. For weeks we have watched person after person, celebrity after celebrity, even children and animals participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. We have heard more about ALS in the last month than we had in our entire… [Continue Reading]

    Why Other Patients Should Support the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • How to Cure Over-Volunteering-itis

    Today begins the first full week of school this year. Each Back to School season I find myself in the throes of being inundated with papers, sign-ups, and volunteer opportunities. Each summer parents grow with excitement as they begin the process of sending the kids back to school. Overwhelmed by the paperwork, but thrilled by… [Continue Reading]

    How to Cure Over-Volunteering-itis
  • Taking Back Control

    On May 30 I had my last infusion of Cytoxan…forever (I hope). The relief that comes with this is phenomenal and I am so glad to finally be done with that stage of my life. Except on June 5th my neurologist scheduled me for an MRI of certain parts of my brain to search for… [Continue Reading]

    Taking Back Control
  • Social Media Makes Me a Bad Mother

    Oh My Gosh, I can’t breathe! I think. They’re too close. It’s too early. It’s seven thirty in the morning. I’ve been up for thirty minutes, my husband has left for work, and as I try to sit on the couch so I can wake up my children climb on me. Literally climb on me. Like I’m a… [Continue Reading]

    Social Media Makes Me a Bad Mother